Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get rid of cobwebs? Or organize your air tools. Go to paste into browser:
What if we had more energy than we use? Could we export it in converted Oil Tankers via Lithium Batteries? Source of revenue for USA?
What would happen if you pointed a white laser into a one-way mirror built like a pyramid? Would the trapped light make it glow?
What if the Forest Sevice could read lips. Injured hikers and such could mouth what's wrong with them, ie; broken leg, back, etc...
Why not create 6 million jobs first with Energy Lottery Initiative, then analyse deficit before enacting more laws, taxes, Social Security.
Commission report/gov? No mention of congress reducing their retirement pensions, dissolving their healthcare and join the rest of USA?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Forward to everyone you know.
Would create jobs,jobs,jobs/be green and
take homes off grid with disposable income.
2 yrs. already. If Gov. and solar companies had listened, we would have 624K jobs and 208K homes off the grid. National Energy Lottery