Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why aren't their a ring of oil tanker retreival ships sucking up the oil the minute it surfaces? Why does this take so long. Just do it.
Oil S pill...Just broadcast thru speakers a high ultra-sonic sound to disperse birds temporaily. People won't hear it.
Oil spill...Why can't they just pinch the pipe together? Volumn spilled? What was the daily production & pressure when the platform ran?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Since the fishing industry is stopped, create a flotila of boats at area's where oil can penetrate marselands with tarps over the side.
Drop huge railcars filled with cement on top of the leaking pipes. Should at least slow down the leakage.
Drop a huge rubber bladder where the oil wants to come in at. Marsh waters going out will create pressure keeping oil from coming in.
Set up speakers in the marshes and blast ultrasonic sound waves. All the wildlife will leave until the oil spill disperses.
I'm a inventor. oil spill/wildlife. Use a Variable Frequency Generator. Use a circular pattern to disperse water life. Ultrasonic for birds.